The Cyber Security

Crisis Communications


Your Go-To Team of PR Experts in aCrisis

We aim to be your trusted guide; helping you to safely and successfully navigate cyber attacks.


With its specialist experience in cybersecurity communications, Ouvert will help you identify your response teams, train the spokespeople, and run tabletop exercises to ensure that – should the worst happen – everyone will know what to do and when to do it.


From drafting FAQs to producing a tailored statement for your website, Ouvert will utilise its 25-year experience in cybersecurity PR comms to create a response that addresses the need for technical accuracy, while remaining in touch with the needs of your stakeholders.


Our team of PR & social media experts will stand on the frontlines with you to re-establish your credibility and strengthen your reputation following a cybersecurity crisis. Through our network of partners, we can also help improve your cybersecurity defences against future attacks.

Our mission

Cyber attacks are inevitable today and those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

We aim to be your trusted guide; helping you to safely and successfully navigate cyber attacks, while protecting your brand and maintaining dignity, as well as customer trust.

Our name, Ouvert, translates to ‘open’ in French, and represents the first of our five fundamental values.

Expert Referrals

Should you need extra support – whether from a technical, insurance or legal perspective, Ouvert will help you get in touch with trusted experts that will help you mitigate the incident.

Our little book of contacts includes some of the most prominent players in the forensic examination of attacks, ransomware mitigation, and the management of compliance requirements around a breach.

We have you covered!

Social Media Management

When managing a crisis, social media can be one of the most difficult grounds to cover. We aim to help you prepare your internal social media team to respond in a way that is appropriate and consistent with the company’s strategy.

However, should you wish to hand over the task to our social media team altogether, Ouvert is prepared to oversee your social media response from start to finish, ensuring that no tweet is left unaddressed and that your platforms all reflect the message you are trying to pass on to your customers.